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2018 SHORT BIO - Carl Solomon

Carl Solomon grew up in Brooklyn and Baltimore with a beat poet’s name.   His use of language, recollections and humor reflects the diverse facets of the human experience which, when quilted together, form a collection of songs. from his journey through life. His Americana songs carry the faint echoes of storytellers:Townes Van Zandt, Leonard Cohen and Bruce Springsteen.


There has always been music and stories in his head.  Carl would sit as a child around a record player listening to Aaron Copeland’s Appalachian Spring,and Billy the Kidd. That music brought thoughts of his Grandfather,Charles who traveled through Appalachia as a tinker/peddler in a horse draw wagon.  Carl heard melodies in those stories.

His daily ramblings with his pen and guitar on most mornings create the characters and stories that he turns into song. He paints with strings instead of brushes, creating images that come to life. His use of language, recollections and humor reflects the diverse facets of the human experience which, when quilted together, form a collection of songs you won’t soon forget. He has traveled a path that has taken him from carnival barker to counselor.  Now a full time songwriter/musician.   He has been called " A Weaver of New Americana Folk Tales".  Carl has his own unique voice, Carl’s influences are songwriters/storytellers: Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen, and John Prine.

Carl's songwriting philosophy
    Based on telling stories about the coming and going of people’s lives.  The crossroads, the detours and accidents of our life.  He draws from years of counseling, listening to the human experience.  Growing up loving stories that engage my mind with mythology, history and philosophy. It is illustrated in this video. 

-Carl ‘s influences are songwriters/storytellers: Townes Van Zandt, Bruce Springsteen, Leonard Cohen and Woody Guthrie.  

-Soldier Songs and Voices PDX:

I feel very blessed to be doing what I love writing and performing music.  I connected with a friend in Austin who was teaching returning military vets songwriting and guitar as part of a national program. I I helped organized a small band of Portland Songwriters and started a chapter in Portland. We are in our fourth year - 


Recently, I have formed the band "CARL SOLOMON PROJECT/PROJECT CROW."  The roots of our band consist of a trio: Carl on guitar, a percussionist, and a bass player.  In addition, 'drop in' artists play banjo, mandolin and sing back-up vocals.  We perform my original songs, and we may  sprinkle in a few covers. While I still play solo acoustic, sometimes I'll add some electric guitar to the mix.  Playing electric adds greater dimension to our music and gives Solomon Crow the flexibility to play a greater selection of venues.

-Performance and Studio:

Carl released his debut full length album "Black Top Beauty" June 2012 and his latest album "Promised Land" in June 2015.  His music has been recognized by Pandora Internet Radio. Creating his own station,  He can also be heard  as well on  Internet radio in the Netherlands, "Acoustic FM." Also on most internet music sites.  You can find his music on Itunes, CD Baby, Amazon,  Spotify and Pandora Radio

 Carl was selected and performers at Portland International Airport .  Playing at Portland International Airport has given Carl the ability to play to diverse audiences. He mixes and matches the genres through blues, roots, folk. Working on tailoring his set of songs to meet the traveler's and hold their focus for a moment. He finds it very rewarding to provide a brief pleasant distraction from the gates with the random messages from security, blaring over an intercom. Carl loves playing festivals, here are some of the festivals he has played Bend Roots Revival, Portland Apple Tasting Festival, Chococokam Arts and Music, Estacada Summer Celebration and he will be opening 2017 Timberline Mountain Music festival.

Acknowlegements: Portland at Finalist for Memorial TR Richie Songwriting Contest 2016, West Coast Songwriters Finals 2016, Honorable Mention Smoky Mountain Songwriting festival 2015.

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