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Portland’s own Carl Solomon will open the show at 12:30. This local singer-songwriter accompanies himself on guitar and delivers riveting “slice of life” songs steeped in soulful folk, roots, and blues. Carl performs in the storyteller tradition, and delivers tales well worth listening to - See more at:

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Open Door Songwriter Series

"Carl’s gift of storytelling inspires his songwriting. The honesty of his songs are compelling.” He kept us mesmerized at his recent show at the historic Ascension Episcopal Parish. What a great evening.”"

Paradise House Concerts

"Carl's prose is wonderfully creative and engaging, his melodies gentle, joyful and playful.  To experience his live performance is to be wondrously transported to a place only sweet, true music can take you."

Poet Laureate of Oklahoma

"For someone who was born in Baltimore, and lives in Portland, Oregon, Carl Solomon sure does have a Route 66 soul in him. These are drivin' down the road songs. So load'em up and take'em with you…"

"Building on his success with Those Two Crows from his 2012 release, Black Top Beaut Carl has crafted another CD of 12 songs that reflect his insight into the human condition. These melodies and chords are spare, but the feelings contained within them are deep and heartfelt.

Award Winning Songwriter/Musician

“Carl Solomon is at once unassuming and captivating. Like an old friend telling a story you think you’ve heard 20 times but then you close your eyes and really listen, really listen and it’s hearing that old story for the first time. That’s Carl Solomon an Old Friend telling an old story that seems new."

KBOO 90.7FM "Folk Expresso"

"Your Crow song is on my playlist yet again tomorrow morning. I just LOVE it!!! I sorta wish I could play it non-stop throughout my entire hour-and-a-half long show, it's that good. Alas, I must sprinkle the program with others... but I'll save you till the peak listening moment: shortly before 7am tomorrow!"


"Even though his music is tinged with humor, Carl Solomon's songs have the earnest approach of their Appalachian and country/western/folk roots. The guitar and back-up on his engaging new CD compliment Carl's honest and endearing vocal style. The songs combine simplicity, warmth and depth. He feels like an old and welcome friend from the first listen. Be careful, though the songs will stick with you, especially Those Two Crows."

West Coast Songwriter Performance Night Judge

Reviewing Those Two Crows "Okay Carl, you made me cry damn it!!! Love the Story, nice guitar picking, nice voice."


“Carl writes cool songs, plus he is a wonderful person!”

Gresham Outlook Newspaper

“Solomon is a gentle, often humorous songwriter who writes catchy literate songs that reference everything from Hank Williams to the Flintstones.”