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Hi Carl, I heard you playing at Portland airport. I've come to your site and your Spotify, enjoying your music. I remember a song with lyrics something like, "She didn't know she was going there to save her soul" or something to that effect. Can you tell me what song that was? I love your sound and your lyrics!
You've had and continue to have a busy summer. Last year at this time is when we visited. Regards to Jenn. Keep the music going! Barb
Looking forward to hearing your CD that I got at the airport today. Here !is an original phrase: "There just aren't enough dollars in the day." (For the man who has neither time nor money to do what he desires"). sires desires
Hi Carl, I heard you playing your guitar and singing at the Sunday market next to the Willamette river in Skidmore. I truly enjoyed your music. It is rich in both the lyrics and melody. I particularly enjoyed the one that ended with "was it just the train whistling." I hope to listen to more of your songs. Would you please send me a link to that song if you have it online. I could not find it on your website. Suraj
I saw you at the airport today. I look forward to seeing a show sometime soon.
The airport gal waiting on her jet blue flight home to anchorage... You blessed me. Be blessed.
Hi! I'm in a blues rock band from Denver, Colorado called Silver And Smoke!! We'll be traveling through Portland/Eugene and wanted to know if you would be available for and interested in playing a show between Monday, August 15 and Wednesday the 17th?? If you have a venue in mind, we'd be happy to reach out and get ahold of them. Let us know if you're available and we'll get the ball rolling on our end. A couple links for you to check us out: Thanks so much for your time! We look forward to hearing from you! Ty & Dino Silver And Smoke--
possible phrase to use in a song: "damaged goods"
PACO PADS!!! : - )
Wonderful music tonight! Great Songs