On the Road Again

 Yes I am back on the road again.  Traveling from Portland down to Texas.  I have had to change directions a few times.  I was hoping to go from Portland to Denver,  then to Arlington,Texas then down to Kerrville Folk. Every time over the last 3/4 years I have planned to go I-80. It has been snowing in this week of May. This morning watching the weather channel it was snowing again. Portland keeps raining ! Denver keeps snowing!

The drive has delivered amazing landscapes.  Driving along the beautiful Columbia River through their canyons. Just watching barges and fisherman with a couple of windsurfers.  Then down through the farms in Idaho and into those amazing canyons of Utah and the deserts New Mexico.     Everything has been so mesmerizing.  Each evening I’ve been sitting and visualizing what I’ve seen and free writing about the these creations, of all this beauty. I think of the absolute need to preserve it.    No pictures to share they are all in my head. Images lock for my brain to wander and wonder about it all. 

See you on the Road Thanks Carl  
Home on the Road

Dusting off my Boots

Hello it has been a while

 I just dusted off my boots.  The dust from Liberty Hill,  Texas and @CribworksDigitalAudio.  I was just about 40 miles North of Austin.  I was there to begin work on my fourth album.  I had searched for a producer that would push me and my music to a new level.  I found that person in @MerleBregante, an amazing talented  producer, engineer and musician.  His life in music brings so many perspectives and possibilities.  We both believed that it is the creative work of listening to these songs, letting  them will lead us to what is  needed.  It is always  to create a voice/melody that serves the song. 

No surprise that they are a collection story songs. These  songs were mostly created during the isolation of the pandemic.  I pulled out old journals from travels, daily free writes and those ideas that have been calling to me for years.  I had time to remember and create. As you would suspect they are all stories,  filled with of love lost and found,  characters I have met along the way and those ideas that just kept hanging around.   We will see where it all goes. I’m targeting fall of 2022 for completion, we will have to see what the songs think?  

I flew in to Austin to spend five days to begin the project. Only saw the airport and a grocery store.  We encountered a few obstacles-struggling air conditioners, possible tornadoes and flight cancellations.  They did not slow us down! We spent the week working together, talking music, creating and recording 10 tracks for the new album.  I am so honored and want to thank Merle for joining this journey.  He is a wizard and task master for the song. He gives you 110 % plus.  We got a lot done, a great beginning. 

Thanks for Listening   Carl

Recent Tour

I just returned from a wonderful tour in Austin Houston and Galveston.  Thanks everybody for coming out and supporting the return to live music in my music. It was great seeing so many friends and crows. I have to thank a lot of folks for helping this week of music happen. Joel McC0ll and New World Deli for the invitation. The wonderful and talented Vanessa Lively for an evening of swapping songs and stories. You are amazing! Pam Herndon and  JPHops House the Soup Kitchen Wednesday Night was so cool. Playing to a live audience is so amazing and listening to the Outrageous house band of Troubes.  Pam and James Johnson Studio in Galveston. What a great night, your audience and preparation was amazing. Special thanks to Charlie Stewart and Jordi Baizan.

Creation of a New Album

Next Month I will begin the creation of a new Album of Songs.  Here is a draft of a song that Im hoping  record for the album. I will be working with Cribworks Studio, Merle Bergante. No name of the project, The songs will reveal the title. Here is a song I wrote of my Grandfather.  i grew up with in my home. He taught me so many things. He was always there for me.  It is called “Look West My Son”. This is the newest version, draft recordings are a moment in time.

Ten Years Along the River, Back Again !

Lately I have been thinking about all the shows over the past nine years.  WOW it has been  great, getting to ten years.  Thanks to Judy B for the space, friendship  and the sharing of her love of music.  Paradise such a perfect name for the House Concert.  It all happens at the bend of  the river.   Voices  do float over the river, giving to the name ” Voices on the River”.  So here we  are Alive Again and  Thankful! I am so looking forward to seeing all of you spreading  out on the deck, along the edge of the river or  even sitting  in the water. Yes,  it happens every year. It has been a gift to share this place with so much talent. It’s been a cornucopia of brilliance. Thank you all @LincolnCrockett, @MattMeighan&@KellyBrightwell, ,@EliseHelms, @KellyBosworth, @KellyBrightwell, @BethWood, @The Better Halves, @MikeDurham, @CarlSolomon solo Zoom. Our ten year brings in @ChrisBaron. We will also have a special guest@LizCampbell.

Seats are still available contact Judy – kimandjudy@hotmail.com


“Tales Beyond the Pandemic”

Here is the News “Tales Beyond the Pandemic”

I have been thinking of a new album. The time of being shutdown has  brought me a nice collection of songs   This raises questions?  When? Why? Who? Where? & What?   I decided to look for a producer  this time around.  It’s a scary sharing control of these creations with someone other than my brain.  I still really love the work from my first three albums. It was a great group of recording engineers and wow all of the musical contributors of talent. You never know where you will end until begin taking those first steps. I am starting a new step.

Your support will help me move forward to launch this project. At the moment it’s called

“Tales Beyond the Pandemic” 

I have just created a Patreon account.   It is a platform where you can support my journey and the creation of an album. I am hoping to make it simple for you and myself.  I am still learning all the ins and outs of Patreon. I believe there is a minimum is 3  dollars a month , for as long as you wish to contribute.  Right now,  for me there is only One Level. This will probably will change as I learn as I go.  I really appreciate and cherish all of your support over the years. There are non financial ways you can also provide  support for this project and my music.  Checking out my music on Spotify, YouTube and Pandora.  Watch your email and my social media for more!  I will continue to throw out some new ideas  and listen to your perspective. It is a work in progress.

Here is my Patreon link : https://www.patreon.com/carlsolomonmusic

Let me know what you think? Patreon Tube Video is on the way.


Playing Again at Portland International Airport – If you are flying at PDX Airport? Stop by Say Hi. Early Thursday & Saturday Mornings at Gate C8. I’m backing playing my music for travelers and staff.

Music is opening up once again!!.  I have more  shows on the way. I would love to play for you / community.  Just send me a note. We can create your own event.  I will update you coming shows. You will find them on Tour Page, Newsletter ,Facebook and Instagram.

Friday, July 9  Carl Solomon at Tiny Deck Concerts, $20 6:30 PM /Doors 6:00 PM , All Vaxed, Masks for non vaccinated, NE Portland. Heather Michet will be opening, Ron Carnes on electric guitar. Seating is limited a private show by invitation. You can message  me on Facebook or at carlsolomonmusic@gmail.com. for a seat.

Sunday,  August 8  Paradise House Concerts: Carl Solomon and Chris Baron  the 10th Annual ”Voices on the River” Show.  you are over looking the Clackamas River.  All Vaxed, Masks for non vaccinated, Bring a Snax, BYOB $15 Doors 3:30 Show 4:00 PM Contact Judy at kimandjudy@hotmail.com for reservations.

Carl Solomon at Tumbleweed Virtual Music Festival 2021 – our 25th Anniversary! Friday, 4 September 2021, Friday, 4 September 2021 Tune in at tumbleweedmusicfestival.org.This year’s theme:  “Silver Linings.”I will be playing a song written for the theme” Sara’s Silver Heart & 2 other new “Americana Tales Beyond the Pandemic”

September 24-26 The Southwest Regional Folk Alliance 2021 Virtual conference  http://www.swfolkalliance.org/

 October in Texas I will be heading down to Texas for Shows,The Crooked Crow Songwriting Retreat & SSV REVIELLE 2021Unfortunately I will be missing Kerrville.  I still have a few open dates and some more shows in the works! Let me know if I  can set up a show for you. WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 13th, Carl Solomon and Joel McColl  New World Deli, In the round at 7 PM, 4101Guadalupe St, Austin, Texas. 78751

Sunday Night,  October 17th, Carl Solomon at Johnson Studio House Concerts Live & on Zoom Suggested donation for in-person concerts is $15-20, and online attendance is pay what you can. There will be a can for cash donations at in-person concerts. Paypal/Venmo info will be available for all concerts, with donations going directly to the artists. Call James at 936-661-6332 for more information. Galveston,Texas

Wednesday October 20 – 24th 10th Crooked Crow Gathering, at Chinati Hot Springs, Texas.  A small group of songwriters to create, write, talk/debate Song writing, Sing New & Old Songs under the skies of West Texas Desert. No internet or Cellular Data.Perfect!

October 25 -30, Carl Solomon at  SSV 2021 Reveille Retreat 


The Reveille Retreat is designed to connect both active duty and veterans of our Armed Services with nationally acclaimed songwriters and performers to assist participants in transforming their life and military experiences into song.

Stay in Touch, Be Safe, Be Vaccinated Thanks for Listening Long Live Live Music Again



The Return of Live Music

I’m beginning to see the light of the magic in music again. It has been a long quiet road. Feeling like I have been  standing in one place.  I am thankful for the health of friends and family. The experience of receiving the COVID19 vaccine has cautiously lifted a weight from my world. The last two weeks has been wonderful! The Portland Airport Music Program resumed in June. I played live for people for the first time in 18 months on June 3rd.  No screen, No Camera and No Mirror Image!. Just Me and my guitar! I have been a part of this program for last eight years? I received such a warm greeting on my return from the TSA and all the people that work at PDX.  I felt so welcomed back. This placed has give me an opportunity to develop and polish my performance skills, while in front of hundreds/thousand of travelers. Those hours are truly priceless. As they pass me at my spot of Gate C8,  some stop to listen and share stories of joy and sadness. Some stop to ask who’s song am I playing and you know you sound just like……… and I say Thanks.  My last two albums are filled with parts of those stories and emotions. I still collect those ideas and moments that they share. They are now turning up in my new songs.   There was another special music moment! It was the very next night, a safe gathering of songwriters. It was a small song circle and we were fully vaccinated. There was even a couple of listeners for an audience. We swapped songs and stories into the night. It reminded me of all of those circles and gatherings that I  have been so missing!                                                            . LONG LIVE LIVE MUSIC THANKS FOR LISTENING-Carl  


I had to pleasure a couple weeks back to have a conversation with Tom D”Antoni of the Oregon Music News his podcast. It was unrehearsed he didn’t give me questions ahead of time to write down answers and there are times where I have a natural bit of a stutter. I think it’s because my brain works faster than my mouth, and those who know me know that is true. It was interesting going back and re-living reviewing the beginnings of my musical background. The little bit more information about the beginnings of the music. I got my first guitar was a gift from a friend, who had old Harmony with strings that were real high. I had a few friends that were playing music and we’re very skilled musicians and performers. Jan & Bruce always invited me sit in with them. My friend Jan Was an excellent finger style guitarist. He could play anything.I asked him to show me how to finger pick a guitar. I just worked at three finger pattern until my fingers hurt. I learned in reality 3 finger picking and thumb. Jan asked who taught me that style I said You did you said three fingers he actually met two fingers and a thumb. I’ve been carrying Guitar around with me since right after high school. I think I always carried a note pad & pencil in my pocket catching thoughts and things I heard. So take a listen and subscribe to Tom’s podcast.

Turning Life into Song

I have been teaching songwriting for the past few years doing workshops and lessons for our Soldier Songs&VoicesPDX. I have learn much knowledge from other’s teaching and resource books on writing. I would like to acknowledge Matt Meighan(MattMeighan.com) for his skill, openness and willing to share!. He is a Song Whisperer. Here are some authors that I go back to gathering information and inspiration. Books by Pat Patterson, Stevan King, Willam Stafford, Tom T Hall and Brenda Ueland. I like to start with a quote. “The way you look for songs, you find yourself looking for little signals and clues about life and how things are”. Tom T Hall. Here is a first step that leads me to a new beginning of a song. Now I would ask you to think back to a time, to a place, to a person. Remember- You are beginning with a life experience, you can turn it inside out and upside down. Listen to your to the voice find something special. Take about 5 minutes – Do not start telling the story. Write freely about this time, place or person or. Pick key words that come to your mind. write in single words or phrases You are looking for the gems/whats stuck in your brain/highlights.Do not start telling the story. Do not write complete sentence. Just free write words that come to your mind. write in single words or phrases You are looking for the gems/whats stuck in your brain/highlights.. Do not write complete sentence. Just free write! Mining your free write. Read what your wrote out LOUD.

Listen to your head & your heart. Trust that voice

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