On the Road Again

 Yes I am back on the road again.  Traveling from Portland down to Texas.  I have had to change directions a few times.  I was hoping to go from Portland to Denver,  then to Arlington,Texas then down to Kerrville Folk. Every time over the last 3/4 years I have planned to go I-80. It has […]Read More

Dusting off my Boots

Hello it has been a while  I just dusted off my boots.  The dust from Liberty Hill,  Texas and @CribworksDigitalAudio.  I was just about 40 miles North of Austin.  I was there to begin work on my fourth album.  I had searched for a producer that would push me and my music to a new […]Read More

Recent Tour

I just returned from a wonderful tour in Austin Houston and Galveston.  Thanks everybody for coming out and supporting the return to live music in my music. It was great seeing so many friends and crows. I have to thank a lot of folks for helping this week of music happen. Joel McC0ll and New […]Read More

Creation of a New Album

Next Month I will begin the creation of a new Album of Songs.  Here is a draft of a song that Im hoping  record for the album. I will be working with Cribworks Studio, Merle Bergante. No name of the project, The songs will reveal the title. Here is a song I wrote of my […]Read More

Ten Years Along the River, Back Again !

Lately I have been thinking about all the shows over the past nine years.  WOW it has been  great, getting to ten years.  Thanks to Judy B for the space, friendship  and the sharing of her love of music.  Paradise such a perfect name for the House Concert.  It all happens at the bend of  […]Read More

“Tales Beyond the Pandemic”

Here is the News “Tales Beyond the Pandemic” I have been thinking of a new album. The time of being shutdown has  brought me a nice collection of songs   This raises questions?  When? Why? Who? Where? & What?   I decided to look for a producer  this time around.  It’s a scary sharing control of these […]Read More

The Return of Live Music

I’m beginning to see the light of the magic in music again. It has been a long quiet road. Feeling like I have been  standing in one place.  I am thankful for the health of friends and family. The experience of receiving the COVID19 vaccine has cautiously lifted a weight from my world. The last […]Read More

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