Dusting off my Boots

Hello it has been a while

 I just dusted off my boots.  The dust from Liberty Hill,  Texas and @CribworksDigitalAudio.  I was just about 40 miles North of Austin.  I was there to begin work on my fourth album.  I had searched for a producer that would push me and my music to a new level.  I found that person in @MerleBregante, an amazing talented  producer, engineer and musician.  His life in music brings so many perspectives and possibilities.  We both believed that it is the creative work of listening to these songs, letting  them will lead us to what is  needed.  It is always  to create a voice/melody that serves the song. 

No surprise that they are a collection story songs. These  songs were mostly created during the isolation of the pandemic.  I pulled out old journals from travels, daily free writes and those ideas that have been calling to me for years.  I had time to remember and create. As you would suspect they are all stories,  filled with of love lost and found,  characters I have met along the way and those ideas that just kept hanging around.   We will see where it all goes. I’m targeting fall of 2022 for completion, we will have to see what the songs think?  

I flew in to Austin to spend five days to begin the project. Only saw the airport and a grocery store.  We encountered a few obstacles-struggling air conditioners, possible tornadoes and flight cancellations.  They did not slow us down! We spent the week working together, talking music, creating and recording 10 tracks for the new album.  I am so honored and want to thank Merle for joining this journey.  He is a wizard and task master for the song. He gives you 110 % plus.  We got a lot done, a great beginning. 

Thanks for Listening   Carl

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