I had to pleasure a couple weeks back to have a conversation with Tom D”Antoni of the Oregon Music News his podcast. It was unrehearsed he didn’t give me questions ahead of time to write down answers and there are times where I have a natural bit of a stutter. I think it’s because my brain works faster than my mouth, and those who know me know that is true. It was interesting going back and re-living reviewing the beginnings of my musical background. The little bit more information about the beginnings of the music. I got my first guitar was a gift from a friend, who had old Harmony with strings that were real high. I had a few friends that were playing music and we’re very skilled musicians and performers. Jan & Bruce always invited me sit in with them. My friend Jan Was an excellent finger style guitarist. He could play anything.I asked him to show me how to finger pick a guitar. I just worked at three finger pattern until my fingers hurt. I learned in reality 3 finger picking and thumb. Jan asked who taught me that style I said You did you said three fingers he actually met two fingers and a thumb. I’ve been carrying Guitar around with me since right after high school. I think I always carried a note pad & pencil in my pocket catching thoughts and things I heard. So take a listen and subscribe to Tom’s podcast.

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