On the Road Again

 Yes I am back on the road again.  Traveling from Portland down to Texas.  I have had to change directions a few times.  I was hoping to go from Portland to Denver,  then to Arlington,Texas then down to Kerrville Folk. Every time over the last 3/4 years I have planned to go I-80. It has been snowing in this week of May. This morning watching the weather channel it was snowing again. Portland keeps raining ! Denver keeps snowing!

The drive has delivered amazing landscapes.  Driving along the beautiful Columbia River through their canyons. Just watching barges and fisherman with a couple of windsurfers.  Then down through the farms in Idaho and into those amazing canyons of Utah and the deserts New Mexico.     Everything has been so mesmerizing.  Each evening I’ve been sitting and visualizing what I’ve seen and free writing about the these creations, of all this beauty. I think of the absolute need to preserve it.    No pictures to share they are all in my head. Images lock for my brain to wander and wonder about it all. 

See you on the Road Thanks Carl  
Home on the Road

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