The Return of Live Music

I’m beginning to see the light of the magic in music again. It has been a long quiet road. Feeling like I have been  standing in one place.  I am thankful for the health of friends and family. The experience of receiving the COVID19 vaccine has cautiously lifted a weight from my world. The last two weeks has been wonderful! The Portland Airport Music Program resumed in June. I played live for people for the first time in 18 months on June 3rd.  No screen, No Camera and No Mirror Image!. Just Me and my guitar! I have been a part of this program for last eight years? I received such a warm greeting on my return from the TSA and all the people that work at PDX.  I felt so welcomed back. This placed has give me an opportunity to develop and polish my performance skills, while in front of hundreds/thousand of travelers. Those hours are truly priceless. As they pass me at my spot of Gate C8,  some stop to listen and share stories of joy and sadness. Some stop to ask who’s song am I playing and you know you sound just like……… and I say Thanks.  My last two albums are filled with parts of those stories and emotions. I still collect those ideas and moments that they share. They are now turning up in my new songs.   There was another special music moment! It was the very next night, a safe gathering of songwriters. It was a small song circle and we were fully vaccinated. There was even a couple of listeners for an audience. We swapped songs and stories into the night. It reminded me of all of those circles and gatherings that I  have been so missing!                                                            . LONG LIVE LIVE MUSIC THANKS FOR LISTENING-Carl  

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