Ten Years Along the River, Back Again !

Lately I have been thinking about all the shows over the past nine years.  WOW it has been  great, getting to ten years.  Thanks to Judy B for the space, friendship  and the sharing of her love of music.  Paradise such a perfect name for the House Concert.  It all happens at the bend of  the river.   Voices  do float over the river, giving to the name ” Voices on the River”.  So here we  are Alive Again and  Thankful! I am so looking forward to seeing all of you spreading  out on the deck, along the edge of the river or  even sitting  in the water. Yes,  it happens every year. It has been a gift to share this place with so much talent. It’s been a cornucopia of brilliance. Thank you all @LincolnCrockett, @MattMeighan&@KellyBrightwell, ,@EliseHelms, @KellyBosworth, @KellyBrightwell, @BethWood, @The Better Halves, @MikeDurham, @CarlSolomon solo Zoom. Our ten year brings in @ChrisBaron. We will also have a special guest@LizCampbell.

Seats are still available contact Judy – kimandjudy@hotmail.com


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