HELLO EVERYONE!  It is complete my 4th full Album. It was two years in the creation. “The Whisper”

  I am excited to share my new album, “The Whisper”,with you.  It contains ten new songs that circle through my  past to the present   They talk of love, loss,  life, and a world I cherish.  I  found an amazing producer, engineer, and new friend in Merel Bregante, of Cribworks Studio in Liberty Hills, Texas.  He listened to the lyrics and melodies. He  heard the stories within each song.  He pushed, and pushed my performance to new levels.  He asked “ What do you want these songs to be saying to the listener and yourself.”  We would talked about the deeper meaning of each song. As you listen hope you will hear my heart and stories that stimulate ideas, thoughts and images.

   Thanks to all the fantastic artists that contributed their instrumental beauty and skills.  Thank you Mark Epstein, Michael Dorian, Peter Wasner, Dave Pearlman, Cody Braun, and Lori Beth Brooke

1. Look West   3:40

 2. Lincoln Continental( SuicideDoors)  3:25

 3. Morocco   4:00

 4. Only the Moon Knows   3:43

(Co Alex Winters, Mellissa Englemann, Hills Snyder)

 5. The Whisper   3:06

 6. Singin with the Ghost   3:01

 7. Window Shopping for Jesus   3:47

(Co Michael Henchman)

 8. Soldiers Psalm    3:56

(Co with Chris Joyce)

 9. Crime of Silence   3:19

(Co Randy Brown)

 10. You,Me,Us   2:52

all songs published@SolomonCrowMusic

All rights reserved. Unauthorized use prohibited.

SAMPLE:THREE SONGS JUST FOR LISTENING Look West ©2023 Morocco©2023 Singin with his Ghost©2023 L Limited edition prints of the artwork will be available.  Printed on Archival prints on archival paper and with ink . They will include an archival mat and hand signed by Jennifer Joyce the Carl Solomon if interested. Thanks

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