Deja Vu Now after Covid Music Shows coming back

Good Morning All! It has been since February 29, 2020 since a show at Artichoke Music. Right before the world closed down with COVID. Now it is almost 4 years later and have invited the same amazing performers to join me in the celebration of “The Whisper” It’s a déjà vu with new music and songs. Ron Carnes, Megan Cronin Music,@HeatherMichet, Michael Henchman wi9ll be join the show Friday, December 22 7-9 PM. I like sharing the news and I know many of you are a good distance from Artichoke Music. Now YOU CAN CATCH THE SHOW !
Ten minutes before the show, – go on YouTube, search Artichoke MusicMusic’. Then go to the Live section and the feed will be there for you to join. There are still tickets for you who are in Portland or close. Here is the link:…/Carl+Solomon+and+Friends+w… In person you will receive the Album ” The Whisper” as CD or Digital Download. Please remember that Artichoke Music is a non profit serving many musical people and groups in the Portland Metro area.

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